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Our guide to Launnie's parks and playgrounds

Spring has sprung! If you're after fresh air, a shady spot under a tree and a space to relax and unwind, then a visit to one of the Launceston's many beautiful parks is in order - and maybe you'll find a great coffee or a bite to eat on the way. Shake off that winter chill and soak up some sun - this is our guide to the best parks in Launnie.

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City Park

Arguably one of Launceston's best parks, City Park is loved by locals for its variety of spaces and attractions. Dotted throughout with large English trees and flower beds, manicured lawns and many level and easy access pathways, attractions include a giant chess set, rotunda, the John Hart Conservatory.

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This park includes a popular children's playground with a variety of play equipment suitable for both toddlers and older children, as well as a duck pond and 'Monkey Island,' which houses a troop of Japanese Macaques.

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The City Park Train also operates every day except Mondays and Public holidays. Incredibly popular with children, rides are only $3.50 per person, with multi-trip tickets available for regular riders.

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One of Launceston's heritage parks, City Park was established in 1820. Bordering the park you'll find The Tasmanian Design Centre, Albert Hall and the former Park Caretaker's Cottage, which has one of the oldest wisteria vines in Australia.

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Close to City Park you can find some really fantastic cafes, restaurants and shops. Keep an eye out for:

Civic Square

Civic Square is the perfect place in the city to take a break. Here you'll find lots of seating options and a grassed area, with a coffee van operating on weekdays. The square is popular with families as children can run around and stretch their legs after a busy day's shopping. Kids also love the interactive water play area (but be warned, you'll want to bring a dry change of clothes!).

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You'll also find sculptures by Stephen Walker and a Japanese garden, which was a gift to the city from Ikeda, Launceston’s sister city.

Civic Square also hosts a number of events throughout spring, including World Street Eats and an outdoor cinema run monthly.

World Street Eats

Civic Square is also a prime location for a sunny, relaxed lunch or coffee break - here are some businesses nearby that would make for a great picnic:

Riverbend Park

Riverbend Park gives new meaning to the term playground. Here you'll find much more than the obligatory swings and slide, with four expansive play zones zones: The River Play area, Gorge Play area, Wild Core area, and Urban Plaza.

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Each zone contains a range of play equipment and experiences, including swings, diggers, sand pits, a wheelchair carousel, a water play area, musical instruments, outdoor table tennis, see-saws and full size sports courts. The park's largest attractions are the Sky Walk and the 'confluence net', two of the largest pieces of play equipment in Australia.

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You'll also find barbecue facilities, public toilets, a giant mural, and a fenced toddler play area here.

Riverbend park is close to some locally renown eateries, too - if you're heading there, consider also stopping at:

Prince's Square

The Prince's Square fountain is a Launceston landmark shrouded in local folklore. The park that surrounds it has a colourful history - originally a brickfield and site of past military drills, rowdy political meetings and hangings, it now enjoys a more relaxing visitor list consisting mostly of city workers after some fresh air and sunshine, and Junction Arts Festival attendees.

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Prince's Square has some top notch Launnie eateries nearby. Definitely check out:

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Where is your favourite place to relax in the sun in the city? Take a pic and let us know on socials!

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