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Uncover Launnie's peaceful parks and gardens

Launceston, where nature meets the city, is beautifully framed by an abundance of green expanses. With a remarkable collection of over 148 parks, gardens, and play spaces, our city offers an unparalleled mosaic of leafy retreats, underlining our city's commitment to preserving its natural charm for residents and visitors alike.

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Cataract Gorge

The wild, green heart of Launceston

Serving as the playground of choice for local nature lovers, the Cataract Gorge offers many opportunities to walk, hike, swim, or ascend via the scenic chairlift across the dramatic gorge. This distinctive natural marvel is just a two-minute drive or 15-minute stroll from the city centre.

Starting from the First Basin, an intricate network of walking and hiking trails guides you through gardens, bushland, and panoramic lookouts. Tranquillity awaits you in the untouched wilderness upstream from Duck Reach, where the only sounds accompanying you are the flowing river and native fauna.

Up for a challenge? The Gorge's versatile geography and impeccable dolerite rock formations set the stage for year-round climbing. Take your pick of over 900 climbs up to 30 metres high.

Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery

Immerse yourself in Northern Tasmania's vibrant natural wonders at the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery (QVMAG). Explore long- and short-term exhibitions across the Museum at Inveresk and Art Gallery at Royal Park and discover the facets of our unique Tasmanian ecology. From zoology to geology to botany, there's something for anyone keen on understanding what makes our local ecosystem tick.

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Civic Square

Nestled in the city centre, Civic Square is the perfect place for reflective pauses amidst bustling days. Here you'll find lots of seating options, a grassed area, an exquisite Japanese Garden (a nod to our sister city, Ikeda), and an interactive water play area that little ones love.

The square also hosts the Guerilla Coffee Van on weekdays and Launnie's premier multicultural street food market, World Street Eats, on the third Sunday of each month.

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