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Free public Wi-Fi in the city

Free Wi-Fi is available in Launceston CBD, selected parks and other community spaces

To access Launceston's free public Wi-Fi network in the city, select Network Name: 'Launceston WIFI'.

Public toilets

There are a number of public toilets, showers, and baby change facilities located in and around Launceston, you can view them on the map below or through the Federal Government's National Public Toilet Map.

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Parenting facilities

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Paterson Street West parenting facilities

City of Launceston provides a number of baby change facilities in public toilets around the city (see map). If you're looking for a safe, private and comfortable space to feed and change your little one, we recommend the Paterson Street West parenting facilities.

This modern and secure space includes private nursing areas, baby change stations, pram parking, play areas and a toddler toilet.

Access is via the Paterson Street West car park.

Changing Places

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You'll find a Changing Places accessible bathroom located on ground floor at the Paterson Street West carpark. You'll need an MLAK key to access.

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