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Hello, Launnie business community!

We're here to help, since 1988

Launceston Central is the marketing agency for the Launceston central business district.

Formerly known as Cityprom, our organisation was formed in 1988 as an agreement between Launceston City Council and a group of retailers to encourage the promotion and development of the central business district of the city of Launceston.

In 2023, we have a new name but our core purpose remains the same. We're here to support YOU, our hard-working, creative, resilient and innovative city business owners and operators.

We're a small but dedicated team and board committed to creating events and marketing opportunities that showcase our city businesses and the marvellous array of shopping, dining, services and experiences on offer, here in the heart of Launceston.

If your business falls within our core service area, we welcome you to get in touch to find out more about how we can work together.

Got questions? We've got answers...

Are you part of Council?

Launceston Central an independent, not-for profit organisation engaged by the City of Launceston to lead marketing and promotion activities to ensure that central Launceston is the premier destination that target market audiences visit for entertainment, food and beverage, tours, accommodation and attractions, social connection, unique experiences, services, and shopping in Northern Tasmania.

Although independent from Council, we work strategically and in close contact with them and many other stakeholder organisations. We do this to best represent the needs of our city business community and leverage every opportunity to further develop Launceston Central as an appealing and experiential place for your businesses to thrive.

How can Launceston Central help my business?

We're here to help, in so many ways...

If you run a business in central Launceston, you already have a listing right here on our website, to help raise your business' profile. If you can't find yours, get in touch.

Have you subscribed to our stakeholder newsletter? It's the best way to stay up-to-date with the many opportunities to get involved with Launceston Central events and marketing campaigns.

Connect with us on social media and tag us in your posts, so we can share your news to our followers. We work closely with city businesses to create content that profiles and highlights the personalities and passions that shape our city centre.

We develop, pilot and market unique events that bring people and activity to the city centre. You have the opportunity to get involved with these events, and enjoy all the benefits of the associated promotions.

Our small but dedicated team advocates on your behalf, working with Council, the Launceston Safer Communities Committee and other agencies and committees for your benefit.

How can I get my business listed on the website?

If you run a business in central Launceston, you should already have a listing.

If you can't find it, the first step is to check that your business located within our core service area, as only businesses and experiences located within this area are listed on this website.

If your business is located within the core service area, but does not yet have a listing here, please reach out and we'll organise one for you.

Can I change my listing on the website?

As your guide to the city, Launceston Central is proud to share local knowledge and insider tips on all the city has to offer. For each listing on this website, we've taken the time to craft words that we feel reflect the essence of that business, service or experience, and highlight the things that make it special.

If any details in your listing are factually incorrect or out-dated, please do let us know so we can amend accordingly.

Outside of this, we reserve the right to determine the words and images that best meet the needs of this website and its users.

Can you help me with graffiti or dirty footpaths near my business?

Sorry, no we can't.

If you have issues with graffiti, footpaths or other hard infrastructure, please contact City of Launceston for assistance.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Scroll down to complete the contact us form on this page.


Planning an event?

Let us help you spread the word

If you're planning and event in the city, we're here to help.

Use our handy form to have an online listing created by Launceston Central, City of Launceston and Visit Northern Tasmania, to ensure as many people as possible hear all about it.

Can't find what you need? Get in touch...

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