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Launceston is buzzing with events, attractions, activities, and much more for locals and visitors alike.

Discover new spaces, hidden quirks, cosy corners, things to do and see, and city amenities amongst the heritage, modern, and historically significant facades of the city centre.

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What is the undercurrent?

Our city's heart

There’s something that lies beneath the surface here that defines us as a city. You may not see it at first, but the moment you step foot here, you feel it. You sense it in the architecture, in the streets, out in nature, between the people - an undercurrent - born from generations of hard work, curiosity, community, resilience and independence...

The meeting place of three waterways, our beautiful city has been a cultural hub and gastronomic centre for more than two thousand generations.

The first to love this land were the Tasmanian Aboriginal people, who have one of the oldest continuing cultures in the world. Today, more than 110,000 people from all walks of life call Launnie home. There are no tourists here - only locals and temporary locals still discovering their true north.

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