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The glamour beneath

The iconic Capri on St John Street, now in its 70th year, has sent generations of women out onto the streets in sumptuous lingerie that changes the way they feel – only you’d never know they were wearing it.

The shop focuses on exclusive European lingerie that can’t be found elsewhere, but sells an entire range including everyday underwear, sleepwear and swimwear. And you don’t realise how much more comfortable and confident you can be until you’ve been properly fitted for a bra, says owner Michelle Clark.

Ironically, in winter there is more demand for beautiful lacy lingerie, as the women of Launceston relish wearing a sensual base layer beneath their winter clothes. ‘It sure makes you walk up the street with a different strut,’ chuckles Michelle.

"We’re about making someone feel great about themselves, whether they’re a teenager getting their first bra, or our customer who’s 103 this year..."
Capri shop launceston retail lingerie
Pictured: Capri Owner Michelle Clark outside her St John Street store

Loyal customers recently flocked to be part of a social media campaign which featured them gracing the city streets in their lingerie – thankfully in the warmer months.

Michelle takes her message out to the wider world too, with programs in schools and sponsorship for regional sports teams.

Capri’s services can be life changing when it comes to women who have gone through surgery. The shop sells a range of graceful bras designed to hold a prosthesis and Michelle’s discreet staff are expert in fitting the right one. It’s a simple and easy solution to make the wearer look and feel balanced and poised again.

Equally serendipitous is the personal service Michelle offers brides, including the one who flew her winter wedding party down to Tasmania – but forgot to bring lingerie for herself and four bridesmaids. That was a busy Saturday, with a happy, romantic and lacy ending.

Michelle insists that women feel amazing on their holidays as well, stocking the largest range of swimwear in Tasmania all year round. ‘We know Tasmanians go away to warmer climates, but they want to buy their swimwear here in a shop that knows them.’

Michelle can be found right here at Capri throughout the cooler months. ‘We love winter here in Tassie,’ she says. And you just know she’s wearing something delectable that’s keeping the smile on her face and the strut in her walk.

Capri 89 St John Street, Launceston

– By Fiona Stocker