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Riverside bliss

Soak up the scenery, culture, and cuisine

Launceston is nestled at the meeting point of three major waterways, plipatumila / the South Esk river, laykila / the North Esk river, and kanamaluka / the Tamar Estuary. The rivers are the life of the city, local environment, and culture.

kanamaluka / the Tamar Estuary is Australia's longest navigable estuary. This vibrant hub of biodiversity has been the cultural homeland to the Tasmanian Aboriginal community for over 40,000 years.

Deep channels, shallow mudflats, and spectacular rocky reefs provide habitat for a startling diversity of life, including mammals, reptiles, frogs, fish, invertebrates, and over 50 bird species. The endangered green and golden bell frog, glossy grass skink, and several rare plants also live here.

From the rain that falls in nearby forest reserves, to the hydroelectric power recharging your device, things are connected here, and you can feel it.

Seaport precinct

The tranquil Seaport precinct features a popular promenade boardwalk offering captivating views of the North Esk River. Here you'll also find an array of dockside eateries, including award-winning restaurants and relaxed family dining.

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Cataract Gorge

Enjoy a swim or quick dip in the waters of the Cataract Gorge, Launnie's leafy heart. With grassy areas and a playground, it's a great spot for a family picnic.

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Love our mud

The earliest Western maps of the region show mudflats in a very similar shape to what you see today. We're sentimental about sediment and the rich biodiversity it supports.

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Tamar River Cruises

Venture beyond the banks

With multiple cruises departing 364 days a year, the award-winning Tamar River Cruises allows you to experience the natural beauty of the Tamar Valley and Cataract Gorge.

On board the Lady Launceston or Tamar Odyssey, you'll get to sit back and unwind while admiring nature reserves, heritage homesteads, historical points, famous vineyards, and charming waterfront communities – all while enjoying some of the best food, beer and wine the Tamar Valley has to offer.

Whisky river

The brown colour of the river stems from tannins in the water – a harmless by-product of fertile, peaty soil. It's one of the reasons our whisky and fresh produce tastes so good.

Levee Banks trail

Ideal for family walks and cycling, the Launceston flood levee wall is an engineering marvel. It runs along the North Esk River, from the Tamar Street bridge to Remount Road.

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Riverbend Park

Sit down for a picturesque picnic, then set the kiddos loose on state-of-the-art waterfront play equipment and surrounding scenic bike trails.

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81 Lindsay Street, Invermay

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