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Get cosy with us this winter

Let's be real - winter kind of sucks.

That's why we're transforming an unoccupied shop in the CBD into a bustling community hub for eight weeks - this space is The Lounge, your inner city home away from home. Treat it as you would a good friend’s place: let yourself relax and unwind, escape the cold, enjoy some good company, leave it as you found it, and leave feeling like your cup is a little fuller.

This oasis of warm, cosy goodness is open to everyone. You're welcome to sit and eat lunch, bring a board game you love, work on a crochet project or jam on the free-to-borrow musical instruments; there are no prerequisites for entry, and no strings attached. Just come along with a smile.

Generous local sponsors have helped us bring this vision to life, and we will be releasing schedules for music and drop-in activities weekly on our socials. Please note that we will not be serving food or drink in this venue, but you are welcome and encouraged to bring it in from surrounding eateries!

Find The Lounge at 107 Brisbane Street
3 June - 19 July

Opening hours:
10am - 5pm weekdays
10am - 2pm Saturdays

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Why The Lounge?

The idea of a third place was originally defined by sociologist Ray Oldenburg as a place ‘for people to gather easily, inexpensively, regularly, and pleasurably.’ As the term suggests, it’s a third, familiar setting that’s separate to home (first place) and work/school (second place) - so somewhere like a coffee shop, library, market, or church.

In today’s post-COVID digital age, the loneliness epidemic has become worryingly prevalent; making tangible third places more important than ever for real-life connection and reinforcement of a true sense of belonging and community. These spaces become the tonic to the effects of mundanity and general feelings of disconnection – which wintertime can intensify – offering people respite from their responsibilities and worries, and the chance to engage with others.

Launceston Central is a not-for-profit organisation that has been running some of Launnie's favourite events in the background for over 30 years - you might remember us as Cityprom, the organisers of Crazy Day (now running under the name Super Sale Saturday). Throughout all these years, our goal has always been to bring vibrancy to our city centre, and encourage locals to share their love for this beautiful place that we are so lucky to call home.

The Lounge is our love letter to the people who make Launceston such a wonderful place to live - all of you, the community. In this spirit, all are welcome. We hope that this space helps you find some peace, connection, and maybe even some new friends to keep you company this winter.

Why should I come to The Lounge?

If you're –

  • At work, and looking for somewhere warm to eat lunch away from your desk
  • Tired from shopping
  • Looking for somewhere to sit and enjoy your coffee
  • Bored and looking for something to do
  • In need of somewhere to spend an hour or two before your bus home
  • Keen on finding some music buddies to jam with
  • Feeling lonely
  • Between errands in town

– then The Lounge might be the place for you!

What happens in The Lounge?

While The Lounge is primarily a place for people to enjoy unscheduled activity, there will also be a weekly schedule of drop-in activities! Think jam sessions where anyone is welcome to join in, live music by local artists, arts and crafts sessions - things that you don't need to book in for to enjoy, and all for FREE. Keep an eye out here or on our socials for schedules.

Speaking of unscheduled activities, The Lounge also has a bunch of fun stuff on offer all the time! We have:

  • Books to read
  • Board games to enjoy with friends or friendly strangers
  • Puzzles to complete
  • Musical instruments to play (including a piano!)
  • A kids' corner with toys and activities

Feel free to also bring in your own games, instruments or projects to work on.


Snapped some pics?

We'd love to see them!

Share your photos on socials and tag us for your chance to be featured

Tag @launcestoncentral (Instagram) or @Launceston Central (Facebook) and make sure your post is set to public

You're also welcome to post in our dedicated Facebook group, THE LOUNGE | Community!

Is this space welcoming of children, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community?


There will be someone in the space at all times who is charged with keeping things safe and secure, and we have been in contact with the local police to keep them abreast of all that is going on.

There is a kids' corner specifically for young children, so they can play to their heart's content while the grown ups do as they please in The Lounge - however please note that young children do require an adult to accompany them.

The space is wheelchair accessible, and while there isn't a bathroom on site, there are public ambulant bathrooms nearby as well as signage in The Lounge with directions to them.

We have also implemented a quiet hour for those who deal with sensory processing disorders - quiet hour will be from 10am - 11am every day.

If you have any specific questions about accessibility, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!



The Lounge wouldn't have been possible without the generosity of our sponsors. Please consider supporting them!

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Have some feedback for us?

We'd love to know what you think of The Lounge

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Where else can I find 'third places' in Launceston?

If The Lounge has whet your appetite for more third places, you may also enjoy...

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Or, explore our beautiful green spaces...

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Keen to explore more this winter?

Your guide to all that's on this chilly season

Once you've recuperated in The Lounge, pop your coat on and step into our gorgeous city.

It might appear a little quieter in the wintertime, but that's no reason to be discouraged – we're your guide to the city.

We'll show you where to go.