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Sunday Brunching

Sunday mornings, especially in the cool months, are for lingering under the comfort of the doona in the crisp hours of young daylight.

Nearing noon, your slow rise will best eventuate in a warm, full mug and a meal to satisfy the intensifying grumbling of your belly. Enter: the brunch.

An icon of modern food culture, 'brunching' has been around for longer than you may think. 19th-century Englishman, Guy Beringer, published the essay Brunch: A Plea in Hunter's Weekly magazine in 1895. He has since been cited as having coined the term.

Brunch a plea
A clipping of the original article, sourced from Internet Archive.

Our contemporary ideas of the late-morning meal hark back to Beringer's charismatic proposition:

"Brunch," he says, "is a hospitable meal ... [it] is cheerful, sociable, and inciting. It is talk-compelling. It puts you in good temper; it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow-beings. It sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week."

A usually social affair, the late-morning meal is more than than it's natural purpose: it's a time to loosen-up, soak up Sunday sunshine or cosy-up in a warm café, spend quality time with a loved-one or many, and sink into the old-timey Sabbatical tradition of the seventh day. We're often expected to keep up a highly productive pace – even on our days off – but here a swift exchange is anything but useful.

In Launceston, we're spoilt for choice when it comes to places and spaces that champion the brunch period. You'll find hidey-holes and spacious, light-filled buildings scattered around town that will gladly nurture your tummy and your soul.

For the slow risers

Albeit a little against the grain, Tasmanians are admirably known to embrace a slower, more mindful pace, and brunching fits the bill when it comes to steady starts to the day. Fear no judgment if you prioritise quality socialising and delicious food over packed-in mornings.

The arguments in favour of Brunch are incontestable. In the first place it renders early rising not only unnecessary but ridiculous.
- Guy Beringer, Hunter Weekly 1895

Launceston's city eateries are numerous, with some particularly cosy and others known especially for their tasteful design and aesthetic spaces. Within the walls of each, you'll find welcoming faces and passionate folks – something that defines the culture and heart of Launnie's people.

Brunch: the antidote to Sunday Scaries

We’ve listed some of the best brunch spots in the city to whet your appetite for a day of activity or intentional rest ahead of the workweek.

If you're the kind of person who gets a case of the Sunday blues on occasion, wholesome interaction in the city with friends or simply on your own might just be the thing you need to ease your mind in preparation for the coming week.

Sweep those cobwebs and worries away – just as Beringer's ideals of brunch suggest – and scroll down to view our top picks for your next Sunday brunch ...

Tinka Coffee Brewers

Tink blog
If you know you know: Turkish eggs w/ roasted carrot & broccoli, creamy dill & garlic yoghurt, w/ chilli oil & toasted Turkish bread.

Offering delicious, expertly-made coffee and all-day brunch, Tinka is housed in a beautifully sunny little café space on upper St John Street, complete with alfresco dining.

Whether you’re after a light panna cotta with muesli, custom eggs benedict, some smashed avo on toast with all the trimmings or a Shakshouka, there’s something to please every brunch-hungry palate.

Spy the delicious cabinet treats to take a bite home with you, or to finish your stay on a sugary note. On top of all the delicious coffee and food, Tinka also serves a good range of teas, juices, sodas, milkshakes and smoothies.

A word to the wise: this café is walk-in only, and seating options can be sparse. Head to their website for more information.

📍 147 St John Street

Sunday Hours: 8am–2pm

Mad Apple Café

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Seasonal goodness and a focus on fresh produce makes for stunning dishes in both flavour and presentation.

Mad Apple has rightfully garnered a cult following in Launnie. Its seasonal menu is inconspicuously vegetarian, made up of an array of delicious dishes that ensure meat is never noticeably absent.

From scrumptious stir fries and salads in the summer to soups and risotto in the winter and an ever-evolving specials board, Mad Apple’s seasonal menus have something for everyone.

The beautiful café dining space is spacious and sunny – perfect for cards whilst sipping on barista-made coffee – with a lovely outdoor setting for non-rainy days. The café is child- and dog-friendly, with a highchair available and puppacinos served with enthusiasm.

📍 122 St John Street

Sunday Hours: 8am–4pm

Frankie's Coffee House

Frank blog
The energy of the bright yellow façade continues inside.

Whether you're gathering with friends for a leisurely brunch or seeking a serene escape away for breakfast, this vastly aesthetic space evoking vintage Italian charm is an oasis within the heart of Launceston, sure to transport you to another time. The energy of the bright yellow façade continues inside, creating a beautiful setting for catch-ups with friends or energising stopover for solo visitors starting out their day.

A nod to the building's history, which once housed the beloved Italian restaurant Franco's, an array of superbly topped pizza is served for breakfast every day, alongside exquisite pastries and Tasmanian-roasted coffee.

Meticulously designed with rustic wooden furnishings, quirky pieces that draw the eye and checkered tablecloths, it feels as though you are peering through the lens of an old film camera. And thus, Frankie's Coffee House makes for a feast of the senses that will render you completely delighted.

📍 42 George Street

Sunday Hours: 9am–1pm

Great Scot!

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Take your coffee to go and walk off brunch in the nearby City Park.

Great Scot is a quirky little café serving up all the café favourites you’d expect.

Menu highlights include: eggs benedict, big breakfast, pancakes, smoothies, nourish bowls, burgers, salads, prawn & chorizo pasta, and butter tofu (or chicken). They also frequently run specials, and stock an extensive range of sweet treats to enjoy with your coffee.

Just a few steps from an autumnal stroll through City Park. Great Scot is located close to City Park as well as an abundance of boutique stores along the George Street and nearby Brisbane Street strips.

📍 41 George Street

Sunday Hours: 8am–2pm

Yolanda Jean

Yolanda blog
Serving hearty comfort food and nothing less.

Yolanda Jean Cafe, nestled at the centre of Launceston city, has become more than just a coffee spot; it's a haven where locals gather both for comfort and conversation.

On the menu you'll find café classics: big breakfasts, pancakes with ice-cream, and Caesar salads, as well as some fusion favourites like salt and spiced squid, and the satay chicken burger.

Stepping into Yolanda Jean Cafe is like entering a warm embrace – the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the comforting hum of conversations, and the inviting ambience make for an atmosphere that unmistakably welcomes both regulars and newcomers alike.

📍 11 Centre Way, Centreway Arcade

Sunday Hours: 8.30am–4pm

Samuel Pepys Café

Mondello 3
Delicious coffee served all-day at Samuel Pepys.

This is the place to go if your diet restricts you from consuming gluten. Samuel Pepys is a dedicated GF establishment that has been a Launceston favourite for years.

The café works to give gluten-intolerant people the choices other people take for granted when it comes to dining out. Dedicated to preparing and serving food that is 100% free from gluten, the offering includes a wide range of cakes, biscuits and slices, as well as café-style meals, without compromise on quality and flavour.

📍 106 George Street

Sunday Hours: 8am–2.30pm

Bread + Butter Café and Bakery

Breadnbutter BB 23 05 001
The Elizabeth Street Café is as spacious as it is trendy.

Now with three locations across the city, Bread + Butter continues to evolve whilst maintaining favourite status for visitors and locals alike.

Bread + Butter's Café – the original location to pop up in Launceston – is as spacious as it is trendy. A gorgeous display of pastries, sweets, and savoury items is set in front of the windowed bakery room inviting you to peer (and likely salivate) at the range of goodies. A loft area offers more seating upstairs, and a quieter zone to enjoy company.

The menu, equal luxurious and understated, consists of the likes of omelettes with Gruyère, donut French toast (with maple syrup and espresso butter), and sardines on toast with cultured butter.

📍 70 Elizabeth Street

The Bakery is the latest addition to the Bread + Butter family, situated in an emerald, sunshine-filled building complete with large windows. Leaning into the industrial aesthetic of counterparts, the Bakery is a quirky space in which to relish the first pastry and caffeine hit of the day. The menu will be found not on paper but on display glinting behind glass. Suited to those happy for a handheld bite, try the stunning seasonal pizzettas or flaky walnut croissants. Four-legged friends are welcome at to dine with you outdoors.

📍 20 George Street

Sunday Hours: 7am–1pm, at both Café and Bakery locations

Tatler Lane by Sweetbrew

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Spacious and modern, Tatler Lane is a gorgeous spot for catch-ups large and small.

Hidden down one of the alleyways in the heart of Launceston, stepping into this cosy corner of the city is like entering a world where time slows down.

Tatler Lane by Sweetbrew features their own roastery, with a focus on educating the community about coffee, from how the bean is cultivated to how it ends up in your cup.

With all-day brunch on a glorious menu of vegetarian dishes, you'll be nourished alongside a wonderful cup of coffee (or oat iced chocolate – be sure to ask for it, it's a true must-try).

Beyond the delightful treats and libations, what truly sets Tatler Lane apart is its sense of community and genuine hospitality.

📍 5/74-82 St John Street

Sunday Hours: 7.30am–2.30pm

*Please note that the listed hours for each venue listed in this article are correct as of April 2024.

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