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Our guide to school holidays in Launnie

Dive into an array of engaging activities that promise a breath of fresh air, creative inspiration, and a break from routine. Discover Launnie's dynamic offerings and make the most of your school break with our curated guide to vibrant holiday experiences in the city centre.

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Paint the Town Red

Celebrate the school holidays in vibrant hues with Paint the Town Red's workshops! Immerse yourself in a world of creativity with painting, watercolour, and hand-building clay sessions, spanning the entire holiday period.

Unleash your inner artist as you explore the magic of colour on canvas or try your hand at the delicate strokes of watercolour. For those seeking a more tactile experience, dive into the fascinating realm of hand-building clay, moulding your imagination into tangible forms. Join us throughout the holidays for a spectrum of workshops that promise to add a burst of colour and inspiration to your break.

Let's transform Launnie into a canvas of artistic expression!

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Wildly Abigail

Embark on a whimsical journey this school holiday with Wildly Abigail! Step into a light-filled space where creativity knows no bounds. Join in enchanting Suncatcher and Fairy Flower Crown workshops, where imagination takes flight and vibrant colours come to life. Craft your own radiant suncatchers that dance with sunlight, and fashion ethereal flower crowns fit for woodland royalty. These workshops are an invitation to embrace the magical, the wild, and the wonderfully imaginative.

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary and let these workshops turn your school holidays into a whimsical celebration of vibrant imagination with Wildly Abigail!

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Redress Hub

Join in on a sustainable sewing journey with The ReDress Hub's Slow Fashion Sewing Summer Series for young beginners!

They're on a mission to guide you towards a 'circular' wardrobe, steering clear of fast fashion and textile waste. Tailored for young novices, these 6 after-school workshops are your gateway to crafting your own 'slow-fashion' pieces. Led by the talented Lisa Haas, a designer and educator, you'll learn everything from selecting fabrics to pattern cutting and garment construction. Choose between a breezy lightweight shirt or a cozy 'sloppy joe' jumper, and join them in contributing to the global circular clothing movement.

Let's stitch sustainability into style!

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Glazed & Confused

Unleash your child's artistic flair with Glazed & Confused's School Holiday Workshops, tailor-made for ages 8 and up!

These sessions delve into the fundamentals of pottery, providing a structured yet creatively liberating experience. From crafting Pokemon pets to diving into the wizarding world of Harry Potter, there's something for every young artist – including a teen wheel and a cool teen hangout. Your child gets to leave their unique mark on their creations, and with clay and firing included, the possibilities are endless.

Secure your spot now in these popular workshops; bookings are essential as we're a small and bustling studio!

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Frida's Sip & Paint

Get ready for a colorful family affair with Frida's Sip & Paint Family Sessions! It's the ultimate hangout for all ages – grab your brushes and plunge into a sea of creativity for the perfect family day. Our "Maybe He Only Speaks Whale" painting is designed for any family occasion, promising a whale of a time for everyone!

No need to fret about the mess – our welcoming studio provides everything you need! From aprons to brushes and a palette of rainbow colors, you can splash, brush, and create without a worry in the world.

Book a session now and craft memories that will sparkle forever! Join us for a sip, a paint, and a whole lot of family fun!

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What did your family get up to over the school holidays? Take a pic and let us know on socials!

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