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Launceston history walk

20171220 CB LCC TNT CP 766

Tour the city

Take a historic self-guided walking tour of the city's heart.

If you'd like to immerse yourself in Launceston's historic architecture, take a self guided tour by downloading the Cya on the Road App and search for Launceston: A Walk along Historic Cameron Street or Launceston City Walk.

The Launceston History Walk is a self-guided tour of some of the finest and most interesting historic architecture in the city.

As Australia's third oldest European settlement, established in 1806 (The first being Sydney in 1788, the second Hobart in 1803), Launceston's city centre is home to many beautifully preserved and historically significant buildings. Cameron Street in particular hosts many fine examples of historic architecture, from the Crown Mill to the Launceston Post Office and clock tower.

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Pictured: Launceston Town Hall

If you'd like to explore Launceston by foot and learn a bit of history along the way, Cya on the Road hosts a series of self-guided audio tours for you to take at your own pace. The best part is that there's no restrictive tour times - so you can go at your own pace. So why not rug up, grab a coffee and explore Launceston's rich architectural history this winter.

A Walk Along Historic Cameron Street

20171220 CB LCC TNT CP 766
Pictured: Public Buildings, St John Street

Start at Albert Hall and walk along historic Cameron Street, as you learn about the history of buildings like the The Crown Mill and Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

Tour duration: 1 hour 14 minutes

Launceston City Walk

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Pictured: Holyman House, Brisbane Street

Starting at Town Hall, explore the city's historic heart, stopping by 20 iconic Launceston buildings such as the Post Office, Holyman House, Princess Theatre and more.

Tour duration: 58 minutes