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In good company: Mobile Mania

From staying connected with loved ones to managing our work on the go, digital devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. For the most part, they serve us well … until they don’t.

Whether it’s a shattered screen, a bung charging port or a dreaded flat battery, a non-functioning mobile phone can swiftly send us into crisis mode.

Fortunately, we’ve got a mobile superhero located right here in Launceston.

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Mobile Mania is a small yet mighty business providing speedy on-site repairs and upgrades for all manner of phones, tablets and laptops. It also stocks a wide array of the latest cases and accessories to keep your devices sturdy and stylish.

You wouldn’t know it, but the business is a one-man show – headed by expert mobile technician Jason Ellery. Known for his rich technical knowledge and friendly service, Jason may not wear a cape, but has been quietly and skilfully helping Launceston locals stay connected for more than 10 years.

Before finding his niche in electronic repairs, Jason worked in various roles at Telstra, the Department of Health and Commonwealth Bank. It was in 2011 that he started Mobile Mania as a modest at-home operation. Two years later, when a relatively affordable premises in the Quadrant Mall became available, Jason jumped at the opportunity to give brick-and-mortar trading a try.

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“I got some stock in and started up just to see how it would go,” he says. “My wife’s lived here all her life and I’ve lived here for about 32 years. We’ve brought our kids up here. So it was a natural progression to open a business here.

“And it went well – there was no one else in the CBD doing phone repairs at that point at all.”

In 2016, Jason relocated to St John Street, where he now works out of a small but welcoming storefront just opposite Allgoods.

“Allgoods are a stalwart that’s been there for decades and decades,” Jason says. “So they’re always a good landmark.”

Over the years, Jason’s straightforward, no-fuss approach to business has served him and our community well.

“We’re pretty transparent – what you see is what you get,” he says. “I just help people when they need help and do it quickly.”

It’s a simple ethos for a complex trade, where technologies continue to evolve and diversify with dizzying speed.

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“When we started, there were 2 or 3 phone brands,” Jason says. “Now there are well over 100 brands releasing over 500 or 600 models every year.

“Keeping up with that is sometimes a struggle, but the change in how products work from one model to the next is fairly organic. It’s usually just a small incremental change. If you compare one model to another ten years later, there’s a huge change. But year to year, models actually change very little.”

For a repairer like Jason, getting familiar with the latest tech is just part of the job.

“When someone brings a new model in, I get to have a look at it and see how it works,” he explains.

Jason’s ability to fix pretty much any device in a jiffy is a big reason for Mobile Mania’s success. It also made many lives easier during the pandemic.

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“We did a lot of repairs for people during COVID-19,” he says. “We stayed open the entire time. Parents needed their devices working if they were working from home and kids needed their tablets and phones working for school.”

Reliable, seamless service at a great price: this is Jason’s superpower. It’s what keeps people coming through the door.

“People generally come to Mobile Mania because they’ve been referred by other customers who’ve come away happy,” he says. “Word of mouth is still the best thing in Tasmania.”

If you’ve got a tech headache, Jason’s got your back. Catch him on 03 6334 6603 Monday to Saturday, or pop in-store for a chat. Most repairs can be done on the same day, most within the hour, giving you time for a bite to eat or a spot of shopping while you wait.

📍 Find Mobile Mania at 125 St John Street, Launceston.

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