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Heart brokers

Picture a finance broker and it’s probably a bloke in a grey suit, right? What you should be picturing is a group of dynamic women who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Uploans are different in every way and so is their shopfront on Brisbane Street, with cozy meeting spaces designed for comfort and privacy. ‘This isn’t what a typical broker’s office looks like,’ admits Kirsty Dunphey. ‘We wanted it comfortable and approachable, that’s our ethos.’

Up Loans is headed by Kirsty along with Carrie Twine, and Tameeka Lynch on commercial brokering. They’re a blend of dynamic and down-to-earth, helping everyday people manage their finances – mostly purchasing a home or investment property, and saving money by refinancing.

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Pictured: Kirsty Dunphey and Carrie Twine of Uploans
They have a sideline in dispelling myths too. Not many people know brokers are paid by the lender, not the client. ‘People still think they need to pay us, it’s a conversation we have constantly,’ says Carrie.

Plus the fact that 55% of home loans are written by brokers. The way Kirsty puts it, they act as the buyer’s ambassador, sitting between them and the bank, when the loan is set up and ongoing. ‘Our entire job is to fight for them.’

The pair has case studies at their fingertips, like Carrie’s client who was paying 4.36% on a home loan. Carrie had the home revalued and refinanced with another lender at 2.79%. Her client saves $8000 in the first year. The new lender offers $2,000 cashback which paid for the old lender’s refinancing fees, with change. ‘And they get Carrie for free in that process,’ adds Kirsty.

With the property market quieter in winter, Up Loans handles renovation loans and refinancing, as people get their houses in order in every sense.

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But back to those hearts on sleeves. Kirsty puts her keenness to get people’s finances right down to growing up in a financially insecure household and never wanting anyone else to experience that. Carrie meanwhile spent years working for disadvantaged children in Vietnam, and has a passion for working with the Australian immigrant community.

Their business is shot through with the same principled approach. They’re always ready to put a stop on anything that’s not right for their client, and cutting through the complex language used by lenders is another passion. ‘We just speak to people in terms they can understand.’

Kirsty has seen this through on the Up Loans website, where she and Carrie answer Frequently Asked Questions in person, in video – complete with tips on how to finance your vehicle purchase, and more. Recommended viewing - followed by a cuppa and round-the-table chat in those comfy offices.

Up Loans 36 Brisbane Street, Launceston.